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 on: July 12, 2017, 04:22:03 AM 
Started by drbob - Last post by drbob
This will be my last gathering, so come and say hi to the Father of American Capri Gatherings. I have been involved with the Capri Community for 18 years and founded the MACG. I have hosted 8 of the 16 events.

The first Capri Gathering was 4 cars in a K-Mart parking lot. Mark, AL, Terri and I, had a great time as we drove to Galena, IL and spent the day wandering around.

The second Gathering, we doubled the cars at 8 and drove to NewGlarus, WI. People didn't know what to think with a bunch of crazy people yelling at a Capri that showed late which allowed out group to double once again.

The third Gathering was one of our most interesting. Attendance doubled again, not only that, it was the first of three years we had the Rockford speedway. A high banked 1/4 mile NASCAR track

Fourth and Fifth Gatherings were also held in Rockford IL at the Rockford speedway where we drove our cars like crazy people, took pictures and then drove to Freeport for the festivities and food and trophies.

6, hosted by Shirley was rained out and we had 12 cars and we ate at Pizza Hut. It was disappointing because the weather prevented us from going to the Byron Dragstrip a NHRA track. That would of been cool.

7-8 were held in Indiana hosted by Rick and Cheryl these were very well attended with almost 40 cars coming from Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, Minnesota, Pennsylvania,

9 was back in Freeport where we had a beautiful nature park all to ourselves. (we will be here this year) it rained so we were in the building that was there that fit all of us in it. We had harmonica music by Mark Russillo and trumpet by Vern Vernon Hamberg. Then that night most of us drove to Freeport's cruise night while another group led by Russ Carlson ended up on the way to Rockford. ha ha. We still give him some crap for that.

10-11-12 were held in Volo, IL where we had huge turnouts and a good time was held by all. If you get a chance to go to the Volo Auto museum, GO.

13 was held back in Freeport at Krape Park (the most requested site in Freeport). Our food was catered, we had a great turnout, great food, great friendship and then we headed down to Freeport's Cruise night for our trophy presentation (trophies were VERY cool, not the usual kind of trophy) Many who were attending cruise night gathered around and watched our trophy presentation. Great place. 100 y/o ice cream shop with over 50 flavors of ice cream, great burgers, so you could sit and look out the window and see a small portion of the 1000+ cars that showed up for the event.

14 was held in Indiana by Zack and Todd and it was a great event with another great turnout. incredible B.O.C. and we went to a race track to play the ponies. Some of us got to ride in the gate car during the race. Very Cool.

15 was held at the same park in Indiana and again a great turnout and a lot of fun was had (I didn't make that one, family emergency) but from what I understand it was awesome.

16 is now upon us, we will start at the Oakdale nature trail, then to downtown for cruise night, 100+ year old Ice cream shop with over 50+ flavors of ice cream, bands playing, food, many contests and trophy presentation.
Here is our history so far, be a part of it. You have ONLY 5 DAYS LEFT TO REGISTER!!!!!!!!

 on: July 07, 2017, 08:40:19 AM 
Started by drbob - Last post by drbob

            Group Booking Form   Date Made:   07/06/2017
Group Name:   16th Annual Mid-America Capri Gathering
Group Day(s):   Mon.   Tues.    Wed.    Thurs.    Fri. X    Sat. X   Sun.
Group Date(s):    August 11th and 12th, 2017
Cut off Date:   All rooms are subject to availability. Please make your reservations accordingly.
Created in Opera   Yes   
Room Types   Rate
Double Queens   $105
Single King   $105
Single Queen   $105
Executive King   $115
King w/ Sofa Bed   $115
Jacuzzi Suite   $115
Parlor Suite   $115
Parlor w/ Jacuzzi   $115
Handicap Suite   $115

Name:               Bob Marcum
Contact Number    815-275-5862
Contact Email
Hotel Contact Number:   815-233-3300 or 1-800-456-4000

 on: July 04, 2017, 05:49:28 AM 
Started by drbob - Last post by drbob
16th Annual Mid-America Capri Gathering:

registration ends the 17th of this month (July). Get it in folks.  I will be selling t-shirts for those who can't be here.  $13 + $5 s&h for short sleeved s-xl, +$2 XXL+.   $16 + $5 s&h long sleeved +$2XXL+.  Shirts will not be mailed out until after the gathering!

 on: June 30, 2017, 10:11:18 AM 
Started by drbob - Last post by drbob
It looks like the last posts have been lost.  The link attached to this will download a pdf of the registration sheet.

The 16th Mid-America Capri Gathering will be held on Saturday the 12th of August 2017. (Lord willing) The event will be held at the "Oakdale Nature Preserve" in Freeport, Illinois. We have used this venue once before and it is absolutely beautiful and peaceful park. The old building was tore down and a smaller structure is in it's place. This was handed off to me due to family and work problems for Zack and Ian, we hope everything works out for the better for both. You can still register on the dates will be off but hopefully I will be able to get the registrations in hand. I know it is short notice, but please let me know if you are planning to attend. I will need to line up caterers and have an idea of how many mouths to feed. The cost to you will be $40, but that can change to lower in the future if I can keep costs down. (THE MORE THAT COME, THE CHEAPER IT GETS) Any items for the B.O.C. should be sent to me. If you have 30 of something, send it (no, not your underwear). Lets make this a great Bag-O-Crap. After our meal and stuff, we will go down to Freeport's Cruise Night where there are thousands of cars for our trophy presentation. Cruise night in Freeport is a big thing and there will be food, music and down the street will be 50+ flavors of ice Cream in an old time (100+ year old) parlor. Send registration money via PayPal to

 on: May 16, 2016, 12:49:58 PM 
Started by drbob - Last post by drbob
This years gathering will be on August 6th in Crete Illinois.  Stay tuned for more details as soon as Matt gets them logged in.  I look forward to seeing all of you there.

 on: March 29, 2014, 11:20:35 AM 
Started by drbob - Last post by drbob
Just a reminder.  The 13th Annual Mid-America Capri Gathering is August 9th in Freeport Illinois.  This year it will be held at Krape Park on flagstaff where it has been on previous years (back by popular demand). 

13 years.  It is hard to believe it's been going on this long.  Big thanks to Shirley Svejcar, Rick Stone and the family Stone, Russ Carlson and Brittany Calhoun for keeping our dream alive. 

We look forward to the Biggest (and best) gathering of Capri convertible enthusiasts in the world gather once again.  If you have never made one, now is the time (Ya I know, I say that every year). 

It really is special to have all of us together in one place.  There is nothing like seeing 30+ Capri's all together and there is nothing like all of the bullshit that is talked when the owners of 30 Capri's get together. 

I laugh at how we spend the whole day and early evening together and then we then go to the Motel and keep talking long into the morning hours. 

It is always a good time and I recommend it just to be able to put faces to the names.

 on: October 08, 2012, 08:08:19 PM 
Started by Teal 94 XR2 - Last post by waretrop
A big welcome to you. Enjoy your stay here.

 on: September 18, 2012, 04:41:23 PM 
Started by Teal 94 XR2 - Last post by Teal 94 XR2
   1994 Mercury Capri XR2 Turbo Convertible, teal in color, white convertible top
   1.6 Liter
   132 hp
   Front-wheel drive
   30+ mpg highway
   New upholstery
   New convertible top
   83,400 miles
   Great Condition
I have many photos that I can't seem to upload.

Car is located in Colorado.

Contact me at 303-304-9218 or email

Thanks, Jon Schallert

 on: May 02, 2012, 05:48:31 PM 
Started by CapriTypeR - Last post by CapriTypeR

 on: March 20, 2012, 01:44:47 AM 
Started by unviolentj - Last post by unviolentj
 Grin Hello everyone. I'm new to the whole Capri thing. Like all of you I am a proud Capri owner. Fortunately I have 2. I've a base model,fun. and of course a Extremely fun XR2. I've only recently purchased the XR2, and the base my dad just gave me a few months ago but it hasn't run in over 3 years. What a pain. I'm new to four cylinder vehicles and electronic cars. I've always had older carburated vehicles such as 67 mustang and a 66 fairlane 500 wagon, also a rare car. Both my Capri's are red right now. The XR2 is loaded with all the goodies where the base flat out isn't. No fog lights, steel wheels, no hard top, spoiler, power locks. Nothing. Base has around 167,000 miles while the XR2 is still around 127,000, and purrs. I plan on modifying the XR2 dramaticly over a period of time.The poor thing was in a bad hail stormand needs a lot of body work, and i plan on doing some tuning to the cute little turbo powered 1.6. Since I'm going to be doing body work i thought i'd go ahead and try some aftermarket body kits as well as maybe learning how to make some fiberglass parts for it. All though i say modifying dramaticly, I guess compared to rocketmans awd mod it wont be much....slick man, slick. I would like to get my base model up and running so i can concentrate all efforts on the XR2 from beginning to end, and then maybe restoring the base, but for the most part i really wont mess with the base much. Thanks for having me on your great Capri site, and one day I'm hoping to catch up to you guys at a meet someday even if I haven't done anything by then, i'd still enjoy meeting other Capri fans and gazing at their rides. I dont have any pics yet...hail damage is not pretty  Shocked , but will post as I do.

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